I get emails all the time from subscribers who ask my opinion on different drums they’re thinking about buying. I pretty much say the same thing to everyone… “It’s more about your personal taste and needs than it is about whether the drums are a good buy or not.”

I want to share an email I received this week from one of my subscribers asking me questions along the same lines…


Dan, what do you think about Ddrums ? I play in a variety band, and
have played Ludwig kits all my life (25 years).  I play about 5 times a month. Our band plays everything.

I’m thinking about buying a Ddrum kit. There are two I’m looking at; one kit in one of the regular Ddrum lines, and the Reflex Series. I know the wood is diffrent on both of these sets. Are these drums made in the USA? Also, are they about  the same as DW Drums?

What can you tell me good about these sets… Are they a “top of the line drum,” and what can you tell me bad?

My response…

My answer is that drum manufacturers are always coming out with new products, and improving their older ones. It makes it nearly impossible to keep up with every company. Just remember, they’re all competing for your business. One drum company is not necessarily better than another one.

Just like with any purchase, you will just have to match it to your personal taste, your needs, your skill level, and your finances. My advice to you is to listen to someone play the type of drums you’re looking into if you cannot find a kit to try out at a local store.

The bottom line…

If you’ve got your sites set on a certain drum kit, do a search in Youtube, or do a Google search for the the manufacturer’s site. Have a look around, watch some videos, take a listen, and come to your own conclusions.

Remember, we’re all different. We have different tastes, different needs, different skill levels, and we are all in different places in life. At any given time, what may sound fantastic to one person, may not sound so fantastic to another. As they say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

“Roll-It-Ups” Custom Drumstick Bags

Flea Puckett specializes in designing and creating custom drumstick bags. “Roll-It-Ups” Custom Drumstick Bags are handmade, and therefore, completely customizable! Flea picks out the fabrics, designs, cuts and sews them up. Each “Roll-It-Ups” drum bag is completely unique! She admits that she may use the same fabrics on some, but each one is different in design.

In her own words, she has a serious addiction to fabric. I love the signature line in her email: “Some People Would Throw Away Those Pants, I Made a Quilt Out of Them!”

Flea was nice enough to send me one of her “Roll-It-Ups” Custom Drumstick Bags to try out. I tied it around my 16 inch floor tom, and I LOVE it!!! It’s soft, with no metal or zippers that would scratch the finish on my drum. Absolutely brilliant!

my drumk bag

I gotta say, these are absolutely perfect for any drummer, especially a working drummer! I don’t know how many times I dropped a stick playing a show with sweaty hands. Sure, I kept extra sticks handy, but I really had nowhere to store them. I usually would just have them sitting on the ground nearby. Come on,… How professional is that? Not too convenient either.

Flea’s “Roll-It-Ups” Custom Drumstick Bags are simply beautiful, and a necessity for any serious drummer! Each “Roll-It-Ups” measures approximately 24 x 18 inches with 8 pockets for your drumsticks; 4 on each side of a larger pocket that I use for my drum key, a sweat rag, powder bottle, and cell phone.

When it comes to packing things up to transport, these bags are awesome! All you have to do is just leave your sticks in their pockets, start on the side with the short tie, and begin rolling it up. Once its rolled, just wrap the long tie around it so its easy to carry. That’s it!

I truly believe every serious drummer ought to own one of Flea’s custom drumstick bags. Head over to her Etsy shop (link below) and order one! Don’t worry, they’re quite affordable. Plus, she’ll custom make yours any way you want it.

At the time of this post, Flea’s “Roll-It-Ups” Custom Drumstick Bags are now available in several local music stores in Knoxville, Tennessee. Plus, They’re available in her Etsy shop here:

In the next few months, she will be visiting east coast drum shops to start offering her “Roll-It-Ups” in larger cities.

Check out her recent exposure in Tom Tom Magazine:

You can learn more about Flea Puckett on her Facebook Page:

drumstick bag 2

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