Alesis DM6 Electric Drumset

Alesis DM6 Electronic Drumset

An electronic drum set, or an electric kit, as they are also referred to, helps aspiring drummers master the drums without disturbing people around them.

The Alesis DM6 Electric Drums are certainly not for everyone. In fact, some drummers hate them because they say they are not really drums. The theory is, drums are supposed to be an acoustic instrument, and by plugging them in to an electrical outlet, they are no longer acoustic.

The bottom line is, if you live in small living quarters and have no other way to keep your volume low enough to keep everyone happy, electric drums may be the best solution for you.

An electronic drum set allows you to hear yourself through headphones while you play as hard as you want on the drum pads. The sound is created through an electric sound module.

So, in environments where you’re pressured to play quietly, which isn’t really feasible for quality practice, you can now do so easily thanks to the near silent performance of electric pads or mesh heads while still getting the percussion sounds you want from your electronic sound module.

The Alesis DM6 Review

The Alesis DM6 features and spotlights the very best in top quality professional electric percussion equipment from Alesis.

Alesis brings over 20 years of experience in the business to provide outstanding excellence. This stellar new product from Alesis features an all new sound module complete with 108 drum, percussion, and symbol sounds.

This new electronic drum set comes with very responsive pads and a hardware and rack system that’s unrivaled in durability and excellence. Like all great Alesis equipment, this DM6 USB Kit is ready to rock with highly realistic and very natural playing surfaces.

To cut down on unnecessary vibrations, this kit has been made with natural rubber on the surface of the pads. A dual-zone snare pad gets the action going for two-sound compatibility. This gives you the ability to produce a snare drum sound in the center and then, a totally different sound on the rim. This electric kit is truly empowering!

This set delivers DM6 phenomenal sound performance in the form of mind blowing percussion. Edit and saving functions for custom sounds. Other features include 10 presets and 5 custom slots, USB output and Midi interfacing, ipod and cd connectivity, headphone and amplifier outputs, 40 preset music track sequencer, and a metronome for keeping perfect time.

All of this high quality percussion gear comes with a heavy duty aluminum rack that can stand up to even the hardest night of rock n’ roll. A full set of clamps and mounts, hardware and cables, and kick drum and high hat pedals.

The Alesis DM6 kit is the ultimate in percussion gear innovation. A truly extraordinary system that packs the power needed for hardcore music making. It delivers all out music production capability from within the comfort of your own home. Alesis delivers an excellent system in this mind blowing percussion kit!

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Alesis DM6 Sound Modules

Many of these sound modules for this kit come preloaded with songs that allow you to play along. Other sound modules can include auxiliary inputs allowing you to plug in an MP3 player or a CD.

Most electronic sound modules feature metronomes built right in and even some have time checkers, which simply allow you to establish a certain tempo. It then turns themselves off so you can listen and analyze how consistent your drumming is.

With an Alesis DM6 Drum Set, you will have the option to adjust the volume in your headphones and play as loud as you want. The volume can be easily turned up or down according to your preferences without disturbing the people around you.

This luxury allows you to bang on your electric drums to your heart’s content without the risk of anyone complaining.

I remember when I used to live with my parents as a teenager. I was a pretty good drummer, as I had been playing for several years. People still came along to tell me to knock it off. That was on rare occasion, though. I was always pretty sensitive of people who may be able to hear me play.

I really wish I had an electric kit as a kid. In fact, an Alesis DM6 next to my acoustic set would have been sweet!

If you’re like me, when you first started playing drums, you may have been a little concerned that your neighbors would call the cops. Or worse, your family would kill you first! The only thing louder than you playing drums are the people who are screaming at you to knock it off.

The fact is, playing the drums can only be considered music if played by a skilled drummer. Otherwise, it’s just considered to be noise. But, that’s true with any instrument.

It’s just that acoustic drums can be so loud. That’s why learning to play the drums can be a real nightmare for people in the vicinity of a beginner. Even if you are NOT a beginner, you can still drive people nuts.

People will try to steal your fun on the drums because they just can’t handle the volume, which is understandable. Whenever you want to practice, you’ll have to practice using some consideration, and then you can practice in peace.

Don’t let anyone steal your fun! Some people can’t handle the volume of an acoustic drum set, but with a quick fix like getting an electric set, you can keep peace with your family, friends, and neighbors and play to your heart’s content.

There are several brands of electric drum sets on the market such as Yamaha, Roland, and Simmons, but Alesis makes one of the very BEST electronic sets on the market at the BEST price!

Here Are the Top 3 Reasons to Own an Alesis DM6 Electric Drum Kit

  • The Freedom to Practice Wherever You Want , and as Loud as You Want

We have already discussed this at length above, as practically all drummers have encountered complaints when they’ve tried to practice.

The bottom line is, this drum set allows “practice pad” quietness without bothering anyone while you can hear yourself through headphones.

  • Sonic Versatility and Recording Flexibility

The Alesis DM6 allows you the ability to dial in the exact drum sound to suit the music you are playing! You can use your electric drum set MIDI output to trigger a whole slew of sounds!

This set also gives you the power keyboard players have had for a long time, and that is the ability to play your track and then edit it to your liking. This feature allows you to capture a specific beat and still be able to insert another hit into a certain place or even balance velocities of a drum fill. When you’re satisfied with a drum track, your sound module will play it back for you with your style still intact.

  • Ease of Portability and Live Gig Convenience

An Alesis DM6 Electric Drum Set certainly solves many problems associated with playing live music. For one thing, you’re able to play the drums without needing drum mics, which means no extra stands around your kit, no bleed from other instruments, and especially no annoying feedback issues.

Besides all that, by using your sound module’s built-in effects and multiple audio outputs, you have complete control over the sound you send out to the house PA system.

As for portability, whether you’re out on the road playing live or just practicing at home, you just cannot beat the portability of an electronic set due to its compactness.

This drum kit definitely weighs less and takes up far less space than an acoustic drum set. Since you can fit it into a case, when you’ve finished playing, simply fold your electric drum kit down and throw it in your closet or vehicle.

The Last Word on Owning an Alesis DM6

It really is unfortunate that many drummers haven’t fully caught on to the awesome power and convenience an electric drum set offers.

Guitarists and keyboardists have embraced the technology that’s allowed them to take their music in directions never thought possible a long time ago. Isn’t it finally time for drummers to recognize they have the same potential by owning an electronic drum set?

See the Alesis DM6 Kit Performance Electronic Drumset and read the reviews!