Even though I play a TAMA Drum Kit, and have been since 1989, I have my eye on a new Pearl Snare Drum! Have you ever heard of the SensiTone Elite Series Pearl Snare Drum? From the reviews, it sounds pretty good!

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Since the snare drum is obviously one of the most used pieces of equipment, right along with the bass drum and hi-hats, the quality of a drummer’s overall sound is at stake.

I used to play with the metal TAMA Snare that came with my kit. That was back when I didn’t know much about drum construction. That thing sounded awful! I never understood it… my toms and bass sounded pretty good, but there was just something about that TAMA Snare Drum!

Most Limited Edition TAMA Drum Sets like the “RockStar,” which is the one I own, have matching snare drums, while most other drum sets are sold as “shell packs” without a matching snare drum, or with a metal snare drum from the same line.

I don’t quite remember, but I think my TAMA Snare Drum may have been stainless steel. The pitch was low and the tone was dark, and that’s the same characteristics you get with a snare drum made with wood, such as maple, birch, ash, cherry.

Anyway, today I play with a 13″ x 3.5″ picolo snare drum. It doesn’t produce much volume because of its size, but it has a nice “crack” (insert joke here)!

Every drummer needs a great sounding snare drum! Thankfully, the sound and performance of any snare drum can be somewhat modified by a selection of different heads, hoops, and snare wires, plus different tunings to the batter and resonate heads, and utilizing a variety of different muffling applications, but nothing is going to affect the sound quality more than the material the drum shells are made from.

Many snare drum manufacturers choose using metal because of its hardness and weight. With a metal snare drum, volume and projection can really be defined. And that’s simply what using metal for drum shells is mainly about… more so than quality of tone.

Even though volume and projection are important in a snare drum, quality of tone shouldn’t be ignored. Snare drums made from different metals each have their own unique tone, even though it can be very subtle.

Metal snare drums are made with either steel, bronze, brass, or copper,
but aluminum drum shells are known for their “naturally EQ’ed sound” that produce a noticeably “drier” sound than other snare drums.

In fact, I read where “Pearl’s SensiTone Elite Aluminum Snare Drum” offers a blast of high volume that’s full of musical character. Again, I’m thinking about getting one of these Pearl Snare Drums!

The Pearl Snare Drum from the SensiTone Elite Series features a 1.2mm seamless aluminum drum shell, SuperHoop II, vertical pull SR-017 snare strainer, stainless steel tension rods, and Ultra Sound “I” type snares.

Whether you do or do not understand what all that means, just know Pearl Drums offer 100% quality products at attractive prices! In fact, Pearl Drums are the most widely used drum kits today, and are among the most widely copied models among drum manufacturers.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the SensiTone Elite Aluminum Pearl Snare Drum, and may be considering getting one of these as an addition to your drum kit, read the reviews here!