What does it mean to be an “organized” drummer?

When your band plays a song, do you play that song the same way every time? If not, you should. Here’s why…

It can all be summed up into one word called “predictability.” So many drummers will never play a song the same way twice. This, many times, throws the other musicians off, potentially causing a drag in timing or increasing the chances of a mislead cue.

As the drummer in a band it is your responsibility to provide the foundation for the music. This meaning that everything you do behind the drum kit is vital. Anything you do out of the ordinary, or something the other musicians are not used to hearing you play in a particular song really has the potential to screw things up.

Experimenting is definitely a good thing, and that’s why we practice, but there just comes a time when experimenting is over. You must decide what you’re gonna do and then stick to it. Never throw in something that the other musicians are not expecting or you can end up with some serious chaos.

Predictability is a must! The other musicians must know what you’re going to do before you do it. An outstanding drummer is predictable, prepared and organized, ready to bring his or her goods to the table. Personally, it has always bothered me when a band mate would come to play and he or she would just not be ready. Situations like that are just not fair to everyone else who is ready.

It’s been said that when preparedness and opportunity meet, success occurs. I don’t know what kind of “success” your hoping for, but one thing is for sure, you will more likely meet with it by being organized when opportunity knocks.