ddrumThe Ddrum drum line is a division of Armadillo Enterprises, who’s other projects include the distribution of Nord Keyboards, Dean and Luna guitars, and electronic drum triggers.

Even though Ddrum is an American drum company, their drums are manufactured in China or Taiwan, with the exception for the USA Custom Shop line, which is manufactured in Portland, Oregon.

The USA Custom Shop line offers customers the ability to customize their own kit from a number of criteria including shell dimensions, finish, and hardware options. Ddrum’s approach with the USA Custom Shop line is, “If you can dream it, we can make it.”

In its relatively short history, Ddrum has already accomplished a number of firsts on the drum market, such as being the first drum manufacturer to offer a drum set made of ash wood.

Ddrum takes its name from producing drums that fall into one of several series, each following a motif of beginning with the letter “d,” and grouped according to quality and materials used in their construction. At the time of this writing, Ddrum’s line includes:

  • Dios – available in African bubinga and North American walnut
  • Diode – acrylic shells
  • Dominion – available in ash and maple, in several configurations
  • Diatribe – birch/basswood shells
  • Diablo – basswood shells available in several configurations
  • D2 – entry-level series available in mahogany shells

Ddrum also produces deccabons, (which are similar to octobans, except they are only six inches in diameter) and two different styles of electronic drum triggers, the Pro Acoustic Trigger, and the more affordable Red Shot Trigger.

Ddrum also manufactures their own lines of hardware, pedals, and thrones to be included with the drums they offer in shell packs only.

The Official DDrum Website


Some of the most notable drummers that play, or have played, Ddrum:
Abe Laboriel Jr. – Paul McCartney, Sting
Andols Herrick – Chimaira
Anton Fig – Session drummer
Athena Kottak-Kottak
Butch Vig – Garbage
Carmine Appice – Ted Nugent, Vanilla Fudge, Beck, King Kobra, Ozzy Osbourne, Rod Stewart, Paul Stanley
Charlie Benante – Anthrax
Dan Konopka – OK Go
Daniel Erlandsson – Arch Enemy
Dave Lombardo – Slayer
Dave McClain – Machine Head
Dave Weckl – Dave Weckl Band
David “Day Day” Haddon
David Silveria – Korn
Dennis Chambers – Santana, John Scofield
Eric Singer – Kiss, Alice Cooper
Frank Beard – ZZ Top
James “Rhim” Davis – The Birthday Massacre, Fallon, The Grace Dynasty
James Kottak – Scorpions
Joey Jordison – Slipknot, Korn fill-in drummer
John Blackwell – Prince, Justin Timberlake
John Humphrey – Seether
John Miceli – Meat Loaf
John Tempesta – Helmet
Kenny Aronoff – Session drummer
Lance Garvin – Living Sacrifice
Luis “chocs” Campos – Collinz Room, Noelia
Mark Fantom – Bloke Band, Ex Box Clever
Michael Ehré – Firewind
Mike Wengren – Disturbed
Morgan Rose – Sevendust
Pete Sandoval – Morbid Angel
Richard Christy – Charred Walls of the Damned
Rick Allen – Def Leppard
Scott Travis – Judas Priest
Shawn Drover – Megadeth
Steve Asheim – Deicide
Tim “Yogi” Watts – Demon Hunter
Tim Alexander – Primus
Tim Yeung – World’s Fastest Drummer, Morbid Angel, Vital Remains, All That Remains, Divine Heresy
Tommy Lee – Mötley Crüe
Travis Smith – Trivium
Vinnie Paul – Pantera, Damageplan
Vinnie Paul Abbott – Pantera, Hellyeah
Robert Sweet – Stryper

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