ludwigThe Ludwig Company was established in America by two German-born brothers, the older, William F., and the younger, Theobald Ludwig, in 1910.

Working as a vaudeville drummer in Chicago in 1908, William Ludwig became dissatisfied with the clumsy foot pedals of the day. He began designing pedals capable of fast tempos and high power, and had them made out of wood by a cabinet maker. The Ludwig & Ludwig Company started out by mass producing durable metal versions of William’s pedals. The brothers’ pedal production was followed by timpani, then expanded into other types of drums.

Ludwig Drums were selling strong throughout the 1920s, but the invention of the talking movie, which decreased demand for live percussion, and the US market crash in 1929 severely curtailed Ludwig’s sales.

William Ludwig then sold his company in 1929 to the GC Conn Manufacturing Company of Elkhart, Indiana. Ludwig continued working under GC Conn until 1937, when he became dissatisfied and left to start a new drum manufacturing operation with his son, William F. Jr. They named their new company, The William F. Ludwig Drum Company.

In February of 1964, Ringo Starr appeared on the Ed Sullivan show playing a Ludwig Drum Set that he picked out at a central London location of the Drum City Store. The words, “The Beatles,” were centered on the bass drum with the Ludwig Logo printed above. This exposure gave Ludwig instant recognition, and it became the number one drum manufacturer in the world until Japanese manufacturers started making major headway in the early 70s.

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Some of the most notable drummers that play, or have played Ludwig:
Alan White – Yes
Alex Van Halen – Van Halen
Alexis Ignition Rous – Salvaloyds
Aynsley Dunbar – Journey
Baxter Mawoza – Synthesisare
Billy Kiely – Floor Thirteen
Brad Morgan – Drive-By Truckers
Brian Bennett – the Shadows
Brian St. Clair – Local H
Brian Young – Fountains – Wayne
Buddy Rich
Bun E. Carlos – Cheap Trick
Carl Palmer – Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Asia
Carlton Barret – Bob Marley and the Wailers
Carmine Appice – Vanilla Fudge
Daniel Stricker – Midnight Juggernauts
Eric Carr – KISS
Fab Moretti – The Strokes
Ginger Baker – Cream
Graeme Edge – the Moody Blues
Herman Rarebell – Scorpions
Ian Paice – Deep Purple
J.J. Johnson – John Mayer
Jack White – The Dead Weather
Jason Bonham – Foreigner
Jason McGerr – Death Cab for Cutie
Jeremiah Green – Modest Mouse
Jess Margera – CKY
Jim Riley – Rascal Flatts
Joey Kramer – Aerosmith
John Bonham – Led Zepplin
John Fred Young – Black Stone Cherry
Lars Ulrich – Metallica
Luis Cardenas – Renegade
Matt Frenette – Loverboy
Meg White – The White Stripes
Myles Heskett – Wolfmother
Neil Peart – Rush
Nick Mason – Pink Floyd
Rick Allen – Def Leppard
Rick Buckler – The Jam/From The Jam
Ringo Starr – The Beatles
Rob Bennett – The Pacific Raiders
Rodrigo Oliveira – Korzus
Roger Pope – Hookfoot
Roger Taylor – Queen
Ronnie Tutt – Elvis Presley
Scott Rockenfield – Queensryche
Simon Kirke – Bad Company
Steve Negus – Saga
Will Berman – MGMT

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