sonorIn 1875, an East German trained wood turner and tanner by the name of Johannes Link started a small workshop for military drums and drumheads. By the turn of the century, his flourishing business offered a comprehensive range of percussion instruments.

In 1907 the Sonor trademark was registered, and eighteen years later, Sonor was one of the largest businesses of its kind with 145 employees.

After World War II, the East German Government took the Sonor Company away from the Link Family and it became state owned. However, in 1946, Johannes Link’s son, Otto and his son, Horst, established the new Sonor Company in West Germany.

Today, Sonor has bloomed into a hugely successful enterprise all over the world. “The Rolls of Drums” became the tagline for Sonor in the early 1980’s. It was a distraction to the perfectionist way they constructed their drum shells, which were made very thick and heavy from beech wood and furniture-grade veneers. They also created snare drums from solid metal that came close to weighing 40 lbs.

In the later 1980s, the Sonor Company’s philosophy changed. They began to stray away from the thick, heavy shells they were known for and slimmed down their drum shells with a series called “Sonorlite.”

Today, Sonor Drums have several unique design features including under-sized shells, a unique vertical/stave drum shell design, round tension rods featuring a slot, instead of the traditional square style, exotic finishes, and the designer X-Ray Acrylic Drums.

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Some of the most notable drummers that play, or have played, Sonor:
Aaron Harris – Isis
Benny Greb – Jerobeam, 3erGezimmer
Chester Thompson – Genesis
Christoph Schneider – Rammstein
Chuck Behler – Megadeth
Cindy Blackman – Lenny Kravitz
Danny Carey – Tool
David Garibaldi – Tower of Power
Derek Roddy – Serpent’s Rise
Emanuel Seoane- La Puerta, Abomination Reborn
Gavin Harrison – Porcupine Tree
Giann Rubio – Daybreak Embrace
Glenn Kotche – Wilco
Guy Davis – Reuben
Jack DeJohnette – Miles Davis, Keith Jarrett, Dave Holland
Jack Irons – Red Hot Chili Peppers
James Knox – The Business
James Kottak – Scorpions
Jeff Jones – Primal Swing
Joe Winters – The Steepwater Band
John Miceli – Rainbow, Meat Loaf
Jojo Mayer – Nerve
Ken Serio – Mark Egan, Vic Juris, Pete McCann, Drumspeak
Mikkey Dee – Motorhead
Nicko McBrain – Iron Maiden
Patrice Guillaumat – Silence IV
Paul Bostaph – Slayer, Exodus, Forbidden
Phil Rudd – AC/DC
Rob Rivera – Nonpoint
Russ Kunkel – The Section
Ryan Jenkinson – ThisGirl
Shannon Leto – 30 Seconds to Mars
Simon Wright – Dio, UFO, ACDC
Steve Smith – Vital Information, Journey, Jazz Legacy
Thomas Lang – Stork
Tomas Haake – Meshuggah
Tommy Aldridge – Whitesnake, Ozzy Osbourne
Tommy Clufetos – Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie
Will Calhoun – Living Colour
Will Kennedy – The Yellowjackets
Paco Sery – Sixun

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