tayeThe Taye Manufacturing Company (pronounced like “tie,” in necktie) is a family owned business established in 1975 that originally made drums and hardware for other musical instrument manufacturers.

By 1999, The Taye Company felt that it was time to develop their own line of drums, as it had become a key supplier to the music industry. They set out to create drums like no other company.

Today, Taye Drums can claim over twenty proprietary features, such as an ingenious SideLatch™ Snare Release, SlideTrack™ tom holder, PocketHinge™ bracket, studded gasket for mounting lugs and brackets, and the Articulated Claw Hook, the versatile GoKit™ concept and the sophisticated StudioMaple Shell.

Taye Drums does everything in-house – building drum shells, chroming, mirror lacquer finishes, and even fabricating their own drumheads.

In the few short years The Taye Drum Company has been in business, their drums are universally acclaimed as finely conceived, well-constructed, superior sounding, and affordably priced. The Taye Drum philosophy is that good drums need not cost a fortune and should be widely accessible.

The Official Taye Website

Some of the most notable drummers that play, or have played, Taye:
Albert Flores – Kumbia Kings
Barry Alexander – Jonny Lang
Ben Cordonero – Salvador and Jaci Velasquez
Biff Adams – Merle Haggard
Bill Mondragon – DW3
Bill Pagaran – Broken Walls
Brian St.Clair – Local H
Byron Landham – Joey Defrancesco
Calep Emphrey – BB King
Carl Peterson – Blended328
Charles Streeter – Jennifer Lopez
Creig Harbor – Atlanta Institute
Darin James – Stacy Mitchart
Darryl Wells Jr. – Al Green
Dion Parsons – 21st Century Big Band
Dirk Sommers – Brandon James
Earl Campbell – Sheena Easton
Elliot Paulin – Rebel Grace
Garin Rosen – Arsonists Get All The Girls
Gary Stanionis – Elements
Gerald French – Charmaine Neville
Hal Blaine – The Wrecking Crew
Herman Ernest – Dr. John
Hubert Neri – Guitar Shorty
Ismael Cancel – Calle 13
Dross – Sothis
Jake Caldwell – Dustin Lynch
JJ Garcia – Judge Jackson
Jonathan Rodriguez – The Knux
Jordon Ellis – Ben Sollee
Josh Collazo – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Joseph Nivare – Boy Meets Machine
Jovan Dawkins – Drummers for Life Tour
Jules Radino – Blue Oyster Cult
Keith Hall – Tri-Fi
Larry Reynolds – Destruction of a Rose
Lee Kelley – Heidi Newfield
Manas Itene – Spearhead
Marcie Chapa – Beyonce
Michael Rowsey – Jason Crabb
Mike Justian – The Red Chord
Nez – Mike Mangione & The Union
Reggie Jackson – Diane Schuur
Rickie Mckinnie – Blind Boys of Alabama
Ronnie Ciago – Brand X
Satnam Ramgotra – Hans Zimmer
Tim Curle – Josh Groban
Tony Lukitsh – As They Sleep
Trey Grey – Ronnie Dunn
Ty Tammeus – Artizan
William Weeks – Lloyd
Will Denton – The Farm
Xavres Good – Grady Champion
Yvette Preyer – Michael Mcdonald

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