yamahaYamaha Drums is a subsidiary of the Yamaha Corporation, and has been building drums since 1967.

Early Yamaha drum equipment borrowed concepts from Ludwig Drum Set models. But, Yamaha soon acquired a place among the top drum manufacturers and led the industry with innovative shell construction and finish techniques.

Yamaha’s use of their original Air Seal System is, in part, responsible for the superior quality found in Yamaha Drum Shells. Select woods are cut into plies, positioned with staggered diagonal seams, and sealed together with evenly distributed air pressure. The resulting shells are perfectly round and of uniform thickness delivering superior tone, quality, and exceptional durability.

Yamaha’s drums are manufactured at two different locations in Asia. Their Osaka, Japan Factory produces their high-end professional drums, as well as all marching percussion, electronic drum kits, and other percussion instruments.

The massive factory in Indonesia produces the entry-level drum line. They use the same machinery and techniques in the making of drum shells, and all craftsmen working there are trained by Japanese craftsmen from the Osaka site.

The only difference between these two plants is, the Osaka Plant uses the more exclusive woods, such as maple, birch and oak, and produces a larger range of options in sizes and finishes. In addition to the drum production, several smaller sites in Osaka also produce their classical percussion instruments.

Yamaha’s hardware is engineered and manufactured in the Yamaha Motorcycle Factory. For these reasons, Yamaha Drum Hardware has been the standard for backline and cartage companies all over the world for decades.

Yamaha has made many innovations in drum hardware. They were the first to introduce a hide-away cymbal boom arm, a locking hi-hat clutch, a ball-joint tom mount with 360 degrees of rotation, and the Yamaha Enhanced Sustain System, known as “YESS.”

YESS is used for mounting drums.This hardware minimizes “shell to mount” contact, allowing maximum drum resonance. Additionally, the mounting hardware is attached to the shell at its nodal points where the shell’s vibrations are of the lowest amplitude.

In 1987, Yamaha acquired Premier Percussion of England in an attempt to establish the Yamaha name in the tougher European market. After a few years, Yamaha withdrew and sold their stock shares of Premier.

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Some of the most notable drummers that play, or have played, Yamaha:
Aaron Montgomery – TRAPT
Bill Gibson – Huey Lewis and the News
Bob Hemberger (Bob Hemberger and the Doorshakers)
Carter Beauford – Dave Matthews Band
Charly Alberti – Soda Stereo and Mole
Cozy Powell – Emerson, Lake & Powell and Rainbow
Dave Weckl – Paul Simon, Madonna, George Benson, Michel Camilo, Robert Plant and Anthony Jackson
Eric Bice – Klik, Phoenix Mourning, Saliva
Hesham Amin – The Red Brick Act
Jimmy Chamberlin – Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan, Jimmy Chamberlin Complex
Larry Mullen Jr. – U2
Manu Katch̩ РPeter Gabriel
Mickey Curry – Bryan Adams
Mike Bordin – Faith No More
Patrick “Phat Pat” Crockett – Beneath The Surface
Phil Ehart – Kansas
Richard Jupp – Elbow
Steve Augustine – Thousand Foot Krutch
Teddy Campbell – American Idol
Tommy Aldridge – Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers Band, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore, Whitesnake, Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy
Tony Escapa – Ricky Martin
Tony Thompson – Power Station
Xavier Muriel – Buckcherry

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